Haml and Angular.js todo list

Here’s a little learning exercise combining both angular.js and haml based on this video. The end result is a functioning todo list which allows you to add new items, allocate a time and clear completed items from the list.

2 responses to “Haml and Angular.js todo list”

  1. Mrugakshee Palwe says:

    This is pretty cool! I have to learn to use Angular JS in Haml! Do you have any resources/videos for that?

    Mrugakshee Palwe

    • Gareth Weaver says:

      On codepen, if you go to the HAML tab and click on the ‘view compiled’ button it will show you the raw HTML. HAML is actually really straight forwards, it’s essentially just abbreviated syntax but with a few extra bits and bobs. I’d recommend just learning HAML without angular and then plugging them together!

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