BBC homepage style responsive slider built from scratch

If this doesn’t quite look right you might need to re-run the codepen as sometimes it gets a bit stuck while loading in the embed!

After BBC redesigned their homepage featuring a unique looking slider I decided to have a crack at my own version. Although the visual outputs are similar I approached the problem slightly differently and used some clever solutions to make it work responsively.

Simple jQuery lightbox concept

Here’s a simple lightbox concept built from scratch using jQuery. It loads a larger gallery image from a link around the smaller thumbnail image. You can close the lightbox overlay by clicking the cross, on the overlay or buy using the esc key. If you’re keen to use this don’t forget to add in a loading indicator.

Simple image scroller

Sometimes you’ll learn a lot more writing code yourself than by defaulting to a plugin. You’ll also have a lot more control over the final product while keeping things light weight. I wrote this image crossfader from scratch and kept it super simple. Check it out!